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Guantanamo and Low carbon economy

UN's new prime secretary Ban Ki Moon demands US to close their prison camp in Guantanamo.

It's been working five years and US doesn't give POW-rights to the prisoners nor are they accusing the prisoners of any crimes that could be solved in civil court. On top of this, the conditions on the camp seem to be really inhuman.
-It's really unbelievable that US has been able to keep the camp without international pressure.
Hopefully now situation changes.

Another good news was when Jose Manuel Barroso, President for european commission declared package for European unions energy policy."The objective of the package is clear: to accelerate the change of Europe to a low carbon economy"
Planet Ark
-At the moment Europe might be the only continent where some real action against the global warming can be done. US. is too concerned about their internal politics to mind with this kind of matters and evolving countries do not care because they want the wealth they have wanted for so long.

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