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Portable navigation

I follow a blog called Strange maps after being somewhat map-addict. Today I found a article originally from Ananova; World's first sat nav - from 1920.

A great item! =) -I let the picture do the speaking.
The Plus Fours Routefinder is currently shown at British Library in London, along many other similar products, which just quite didn't rock the markets the way their inventors wanted..

Chocolate -out of the- box experience

High quality chocolates are often packed into a cardboard boxes. The orientation of the chocolate bar might be a relevant factor in paper packaging, but box offers a possibility to improve the user experience.
These boxes are often opened from the bottom. And after the opening, the bar lays on the premium looking folio -upside down.
Manufacturer could turn the bar around, thus facing up for customers delight and to show the high quality surface of the chocolade instead of the bottom..

A brief moment at the printer

Checking the paper on tray 2 can end up spending slightly longer time at the printer -waiting it to restart.

Then again, using the power switch occasionally seems to make these technology wonders work better..