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Web trend map 2007 - by Information architects

Information architects have created nice maps about what's kind of internet services are hot at the moment.

The map is interesting as it is, but is also a great example how statistics can be formed interesting and usable form. &

One good thing about checking Destia's site was to find a route finder www. for whole Finland in the same manner as YTV works for Helsinki. It includes all the major cities and trains and busses!!

Another good new service is, where you can find the prices of apartments in 15 major finnish cities.

Itella - Destia

Lately I have been amazed how are these new brand names telling more than the old ones about the businnes the companies are practicing..:
Posti changed it's name to Itella and government owned Tieliikelaitos to Destia.

Illustrator art

Forget 3D tools, check how Yukio Miyamoto renders it in Adobe Illustrator..
Picture: Yukio Miyamoto & Core77

Vuosaari by bike

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After living in Helsinki for awhile I think that this city is heaven for XC-biker!

Today I took the subway to east and we started to explore forests around Vuosaari. Kallahti was a great place, felt nothing like Southern Finland. Also Uutela with the beautiful cow sculptures by Miina Äkkijyrkkä is a sight to see! (On Google Maps)

And don't forget the sausages. -Plenty of places to grill, but unfortunately no axes.


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Building sauna on the eve of midsummer; We made everything ready before the midnight, and the löyly was great =)

The thing about festivities is to prepare those. -Like christmas, the thing is to make the food and decorations. If those are done already, what's the point just sit around..

But sauna is finished and tomorrow is just for sauna and games. And hopefully some more sun 8)

Bar smoking

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Smoking in bars was banned from beginning of June.

The great thing in this is that your clothes don't smell anymore like fireman's. Unfortunately though, instead of smoke, the dominating smell nowadays is sweat.

At least the scenery on streets has changed. In away it's nice, but I can believe there's bunch of problems rising from this. And the least of those isn't the noise and smoke for the apartmens around the bar.

KYN - Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Naislaulajat

When I was driving around eysterday, I popped into church of Kaleva in Tampere. As you can see in the picture, there was a group of people in the front. -At some point they organized themselves and started to sing..
-I was the only person listening when 30 young energetic women sang 'Tulisit' (would you come). I couldn't help smiling .. a lot =)
Later that afternoon I had to go to see KYN's real performance in Tampere talo, where Tampere Vocal music festival was taking place.
-Now just have to order a cd from them ;D

Pyynikki, Tampere

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One of the best places to be on a weather like this, Pyynikki swimming beach in Tampere.

I decided that Bianchi is a perfect choice for me. (see earlier post) And now I've been cruising around city.

One of the best things about shopping outside Helsinki is that you can really talk about the price and conditions with the owner or clerk with a sufficient negotiation rights. When considering the user satisfaction in shopping experience, this is a major factor to utilize. It cannot be too hard give negotiation rights to clerks also in bigger organizations. The cost for this is not nescessary high, but the loyalty of customers is gained easily.

In this case I bought the bike from Suomen Urheilupyörä. The deal was all together more than 20% cheaper than the same in Helsinki. -Some more customer satisfaction for me ;)

Panasonic driver support

Ready for another quizz?
Go to and select support and downloads.
-Then you need to answer some quizz questions to find your digital camcorder..

Basicly you could select the cam by model, but it doesn't really help you finding the driver. -Even after you might realize that it actually isn't NV-GS500 like spelled on the side of the cam, but instead it is PV-GS500.. -Enjoy ;)

Mapping in case of vertical arrow

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For a considerable time I have kept my eyes on arrows pointing to your front or behind you.

I seriously think that at least in Finland the direction has changed during last 2 years.

Todays quizz was in a sunny city of Kotka. -At least I wasn't sure at all, how to park with these signs.

In case my opinion, that arrow pointing up means forward is still valid, for example the whole mall of Kamppi has signs pointing to all possible wrong directions. *starting to doubt.. Please leave an opinion*

Finnish touch screen

Hilavitkutin posted a clip of finnish touch screen available in Helsinki.
(And for the people in northern Finland i recommend to see this -a bit similar one one, which Teemu made for Hannu Hautala's nature picture centre in Kuusamo)