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Every winter there is a topic about how to spot aurora borealis.
Finnish meteorological institute has established a site called AURORAS now! to help in this quest.
From the site you can find diagrams like below showing sun-activity during last 24+ hours. You can also join to mailing list which alerts if the probability is high enough to see something. (Daytime values peaking above 30)

Graph of current 24h cycle near Rovaniemi provided by FMI

Stressed? -How about some bubble plastics?

Bubble plastics has been a major stress releaf probably already at the start of Packaging era..

-Now enviromentally safe version is available.
Remember to turn the sound on and do it like the Maniacs do! 8]

*Thanks for Satu and mysterious Janne @danpat*

Is it Suunto or Polar..

*edit*Some time ago I wrote about How nice Suunto Hr-monitor looked. yesterday I got messed with monitor shopping and saw Suunto T-series in real life. i was amazed how printed feeling the watches had. Nothing like glossy black you expect after seeing the images. -Watch out for the good old rendering ;)
Also I was a little surprised that the red actually Was that kind of salmon red..
Few days ago I had and conversation about Polar heart rate monitors.
Generally the design-line has been little lost.

But here is an interesting design. Something in the way also Polar should have gone.
-I actually though that it was a Polar, although it came to me in Suunto newsletter.. :D (weekend in Oikarainen is always so hard;)



No this is not the afterlife. -This is a life after an exam..
-Made up some theories of my own about design research. ;D

Btw: It was a nice move what Aki Kaurismäki did, by not allowing his movie Laitakaupungin valot to have an oscar nomination!
-His reasons were that he protests US politics as well as Hollywood nonsense. *thumbs up*

Need a presentation?

Late from the meeting, forgot your preparation?
-Don't worry, the best internet service for busy people is here!!

Just insert the topic into Mashstar and it will run it in Google and create a presentation for you in seconds. -Try it forexample for your Strategy meeting ;D

Nordea -MasterCard billing

Is it really nescessary to print the credit card number to the bills? -If I want to know that, I can just look it from the card!

-Or is it really that safe to have the number out in the wild?

Posti -address change management

As you might have noticed from previous post I try to avoid getting any more user accounts around web..

Still there would be one service, where I would join immediately: Address change manager. -Every time I move, I'm about to make a list of places and people to whom I should inform my address change. Actually I realize all the places not until two or three months have gone. If I could add those places to somewhere, next move would be much easier. -Of course the service would inform the particular partners automatically.

Also service could be used to save all the places where I have a user account using my e-mail address. They also tend to change. And if you forgot your password, to change the e-mail address, the only choise is to have it sent to your e-mail.. ..the one you don't have access anymore.. ;D

So, Finnish postal company Posti already informs some partners automatically, but that requires willingness from a company/administration. Having this kind of service Posti could gain some more users to their othervice quiet webservice.

Jade Warrior - Jadesoturi

Yesterday I saw Finnish-Chinese co production Jade Warrior, which includes legends from Finnish and Chinese cultures.
Movie was great, dont get me wrong.. ..but I still have to wonder do they teach the progress of drama at all in Finnish Movie scene..?
The plot didn't thicken and it didn't peak. -It was just like in Kaurismäki movies. Even one of the three main caracters was Markku Peltola, 'Kaurismäki' written all over his face ;)

But there was an explanation for all of this. -One of the writers has been responsible for the Suomen Elokuvasäätiö's production donations. -And I quess Kaurismäki movies have been their favorite :D

GREAT movie, you should see it!

Jade Warrior
SES-rahoituspäätökset (Suomen Elokuvasäätiö)