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Posti -address change management

As you might have noticed from previous post I try to avoid getting any more user accounts around web..

Still there would be one service, where I would join immediately: Address change manager. -Every time I move, I'm about to make a list of places and people to whom I should inform my address change. Actually I realize all the places not until two or three months have gone. If I could add those places to somewhere, next move would be much easier. -Of course the service would inform the particular partners automatically.

Also service could be used to save all the places where I have a user account using my e-mail address. They also tend to change. And if you forgot your password, to change the e-mail address, the only choise is to have it sent to your e-mail.. ..the one you don't have access anymore.. ;D

So, Finnish postal company Posti already informs some partners automatically, but that requires willingness from a company/administration. Having this kind of service Posti could gain some more users to their othervice quiet webservice.

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