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Pohjanmaa - or how do you call it?

I was reading a Blue1 Dream magazine where there was the attached story about a costume from my neighbourhood, Pohjanmaa.
The problem is how to translate it to english.. Direct translation would be bottom-land. Many people call the area like in the article, as east botnia, or even use the swedish word österbotten (as it was any easier to get), both meaning "east bottom". This refers to the time when Finland was part Sweden, and Pohjanmaa was the old sea bottom on eastern side of the bay. This is a similar type of geocraphical relict as East Indian Islands in Caribian.
I often use the phrase west coast, which might be more easy to comprehend without the knowledge about the finnish history.

Facebook jamming emails with nonsense

I'm a regular user of Facebook and rather untrendly consider it as a good service. I have been complaining earlier about the security issues in article Contradictions and safety in Facebook. Fortunately they made some changes and provided more options as article Facebook makes improvements for privacy describes, but unfortunately there is too many options now. There is basicly three levels of friends in Facebook users, friends who you keep contact to also other vice, friends that you want to maintain but are not so close to you and then the ones that you wish to add, because you know them, but don't want to open your life to. -Why not make ready made options based on these three groups?

Another thing which is bugging me (and probably millions of others), is that I need to have a dedicated email account to direct the amazing amount of spam which coming from Facebook when my friend comments on my picture or changes his status.
-Why can't I turn of this function if I already visit the service twice a day and have the update RSS feed coming to my intranet page?!
-I would imagine that that kind of mass posting is already doing something for global use of data transfer statistics ;D

CORRECTION: There actually is an option to turn off the email notifications. Actually 2 pages of option where to choose the occasions you wish to be notified. (See PIC) -How PC can you go?

It's smelling like winter

Nice sun shiny autumn is turning into winter. First morning frost was visible this morning.