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Facebook makes improvements for privacy

I have been complaining (as far as FB itself) how difficult it is to add Facebook friends to 'show only my restricted account' -list.
Finally it is possible to just click the friends from the list instead of writing their names. For me it's convenient. It's just how you want to use your account. For me it's still bit under consideration wheather to make it more open or more closed circle..

Messenger Live has experinced this week a major setbacks on security point of view. There's at least one attacts going on. First being a page which promises to reveal who has blocked you on messenger. -just give your email and password.. ;D -Then it starts to send the web address to your friends. Other one possible connected to the first one is sending you a message from your friend, saying somethin like "Is this really photo of you?! :S -and a webaddress", which asks you to download a tiny program..

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