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iPod engravings cutting down the sales?

Already ten days ago I made an entry to Facebook that how difficult can it be to buy an iPod..

This time I didn't want to buy a black or aluminium, so I ended up having 7 more color to choose from. I some what decided that it should be the red. The red was only available through Apple store because it was a (RED) product buying from the webstore makes no problem but the webstore provided free engaving...

For me, born in the most stingy place in Finland it was way too hard to overlook the fact that I could get an FREE ENGRAVING, but didn't have a slightest idea what it should say!
For me it took ten days to figure out that it is perfectly alright to leave it without engraving. Finally I placed my order. And now I also have a bunch of interesting engravings for iPods in my notebook ;D

For more examples of engravings.

Quest after Jalas boots

I made a post earlier how my Jalas boots started to break in pieces after years of hard use. -It's only now when I realized that I really need to get those new boots.

I went to Jalas website, and tried to find the boots I've had. Result was that I lost my nerves with the product search and tried the product listing. List wasn't much better either. I know there's been good strive on marketing and R&D, but thistime the graphics designer should look into mirror. -Put a clear pictures of different shoe styles so that you can find your boots. And if you don't have photo to use, draw one.

"Do not ice-fish on the football field"

Probably one of the few places where a note like this is possible is Ukko-Halla in Hyrynsalmi.
Preparations for the annual snow football world championships is in contradiction with ice-fishers interests.

It would be interesting to know what kind of contradictions arise when the place is preparing for swamp football championships on summer..