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I haven't have so clear feeling of joy for a long time, what I had yesterday with Antti's Wii game console!
What makes Wii so special is the user interface what it is using. There's just a stick in your hand, and it can be Anything from bowling ball to fists.
Especially I enjoyed when it was a tennis racket. -It was so great when the ball got the speed, direction and spin according how I hit the incoming ball =D And I got warm and now my hand is aching.. ;) This is how gaming should be!

I have to appreciate Nintendo in several ways.
-The UI is really marvellous, it gives instant joy to who ever tries it. And they made it work, unlike Microsoft with sidewinder.
-They had the guts to do move from the safe environment of console playing to world of sports accidents and muscular problems. Common sence says that this is good move. But what will happen in American courts will be other thing..
-For using old technology on the game console. While other consoles (including Sony's PS3) are adding more power and technology, Wii turns the profit curve up also on old technolgy and old games.


Perttu said...
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Perttu said...

was waiting for some court time; here it starts nintendo-hit-with-class-action-lawsuit-for-defective-wrist-strap