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I bougth a ticket containing 10 codes for music shop musiikkilataamo.
It was a nice one. Truly enjoyed selecting a tracks I enjoyed and actually paying for the artists :)

But there was a catch. I need to register myself.. -But WHY??!
I already paid for the tracks. And now, if I don't use the ticket, I'll never go back.
- - -
*edit 18.12.06*
So now I got myself registered. -It took two months.
First it didn't work with Mozilla. Then I still needed some downloads for copy protection. Then I needed to enter a code separately for each track. Then I needed to do it again because the service said that the code of the loading ticket wasn't registered for this user.. -And now I'm waiting what might happen if the network goes down for a second.
- - -
And it did.. -But one thing is in order. You can restart it =D
-Who wants the rest of the ticket, I can send it.

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