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Houses and apartments still selling well?

The message the real estate dealers want to give these days is that properties are still selling well. How ever this flyer is celebrating one sold property on the neighbourhood a bit too loudly not to be really desperate..
I have always considered that every organization should have a person totally without a responsibility of what so ever. -This person could spend ones time looking for details that are left uncared and make the corrections. Unfortunately I've come to the conclusion, that this kind of activity would be useless to the companies because they already know most of the problems. So finding the uncared details is not the problem, but having the resources or willingness to correct all the problems is.
Picture: bathroom detail from Hilton Metropolitan, London.

Unbelievable unboxing experience

Unboxing experience seems to be a mind blowing part of user experience to some. I know it is important, but this goes slightly beyond.. XD
This clip is that far from having phone content and that close of having good entertainment about some random commercial, that I will post this anyway.

Temporary traffic guidance

There's a little interest -if all- to arrange traffic guidance properly during road maintenance operations. Usually you end up slowing your speed down to 30 kmph for some kilometers to ensure safe working conditions to the workers who are at home spending their sunday although the signs have been left to bug the law obeying public. This is also creating the inflation for the traffic signs, which I have written also before.

These pictures however present the guidance for alternative routing for bicycles on a construction site in Oulu. The first picture shows the starting point guidance and the second shows the guidance back to the original route. The first sign creates an assumption that following signs will also be visible and trustworthy. In the next available situation this customer trust is trashed.
-Remember to take a map with you..

Stop water boarding

There is still no right for US government to keep prisoners in Quntanamo without prisoner of war status or without accusing them of civil crimes.
Still although US is acting agains all international agreements, they should at least retain from torture.
Waterboading is a official CIA technique. Read more from, or see the video from Vanity fair.

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