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Light treatment

When the winter begins, the thirst for light is immense. It doesn't really matter how you get it, but if This method works, I'm a happy camper.

Oulu based Valkee is studying and manufacturing bright light treatment device that deliveres the light more directly to the brain, saves eyes, allows user to move around while treatment and makes the treatment significantly shorter.

The main issue here is that it's really hard to believe this method is really working. You can evaluate the idea next time you turn your face towards the sun. -Is it your eyes or the tissue behind those, that enjoys the sun.


Timo said...

Good article and nice picture. For the Finnish readers, check 'The Human Experiment' that the company runs: people reporting weekly their usage experiences at

Perttu said...

I've been following Ihmiskoe with great interest.
I belong to the supporters club. Valkee changed my mood into much better =)

Here's another similar effert from Philips:

Anonymous said...

That looks weird. Good thing you can't see in from the other side :) You probably see a lot of gross things in there.