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Google maps got even better

Google maps has long been my favorite maps application because the road map is just not enough in all situations.
Maps got just waaay better. It features pictures uploaded by users on different locations to Panoramio. It also features Wikipedia links on their right places.

Näytä suurempi kartta

Animation painted on walls by Blu

If this day would not have already been good, this would have saved it.
A great animation called MUTO, which story goes around a block, as it is completely painted on the walls (and bit on the pavement too;). The piece is done by Blu. And the website is also really much worth to see!

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Proper error-message

Very often error notifications are useless and provide a little choices for the user. This notification from Google gives user some real choices while informing honestly that things can go wrong.
-Big thumbs up for Google!

Ajasto - adjusting to mobile era

Today me and my colleague had a talk about why the flags are still up. -Yesterday evening when the mothers-day flag was still up at 9 o'clock, I thought that maintenance has forgotten the flag. Now I know that they were only lazy (lazyness is at least second step to progress), because the flags are up everywhere -so there really is some special day.
Then I got one of my brighter moments, when I realized that surely Ajasto (which has held the monopoly for Finnish calendars for centuries) have the required information about today on their site! -I got disappointed. The ONLY information about today, was the names for today. -Yes. Not even the Date.. XD

Another interesting news was that Ajasto has decided to put of 99 persons to be able to adapt to the new challenges. -I can easily understand the dramatic change the branch is experiencing. But what I cannot understand is that why I still cannot buy a add-on package of holidays and additional information to my mobile calendar from Ajasto site?!