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Ajasto - adjusting to mobile era

Today me and my colleague had a talk about why the flags are still up. -Yesterday evening when the mothers-day flag was still up at 9 o'clock, I thought that maintenance has forgotten the flag. Now I know that they were only lazy (lazyness is at least second step to progress), because the flags are up everywhere -so there really is some special day.
Then I got one of my brighter moments, when I realized that surely Ajasto (which has held the monopoly for Finnish calendars for centuries) have the required information about today on their site! -I got disappointed. The ONLY information about today, was the names for today. -Yes. Not even the Date.. XD

Another interesting news was that Ajasto has decided to put of 99 persons to be able to adapt to the new challenges. -I can easily understand the dramatic change the branch is experiencing. But what I cannot understand is that why I still cannot buy a add-on package of holidays and additional information to my mobile calendar from Ajasto site?!

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