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4,5 reasons Not to fly

Traveling without moving:
Somehow waiting for the taxi, waiting in the lounge, waiting in the line, waiting for the take off and again waiting for the taxi is quite nerve breaking method of moving.

Stress about connections:
In Helsinki, you have to be worried if your taxi is really coming, flying from rest of the Finland you only have to worry about if you are able to make to the connecting flight in time inspite the different delays the flight is experiencing.
BTW: If you are flying from Oulu to Manchester by Finnair, take extra handbaggage. Your luggage will never make it in time.

Security checks:
Uncomprehensive regulations about equipment which should be separated for the x-raying, the lack of person inspection. -They rather see you dropping your pants than check your belt. Further the lack of responsibility over customers belongings. I've even received my wallet from another passanger after he realized that it was not his. -And the fact that a single bottle of liquid should be packed into a plastic bag, "just because of the regulations".

Service culture:
A year ago I flew to Osaka. I expected a culture shock. -Instead having it in Japan I experienced it in Finland. In Osaka airport security and other personel were doing the work for the customer. In Finland the customer is an annoyance for the stuff. You can be sure in case you need help, you don't get any.

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