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Levitaatio 2007

Sculpting accomplished. Despite our ambitious plan, we accomplished it quite reasonably. It gave a light impression, got load's of positive feedback and was fun to make. Thanks for everybody :)

This year there was a serious attempt to rise the competition to the level where it should be. But really important thing is now that all the comments should be saved for the next years organisers. And for helping in that you can insert your comments on this post.
What was talked:
-Presentation of plans at he same time as the teams are being presented.
-In the price giving ceremony, a slideshow showing the piece which jury is giving comments about.
-This year the commenting of the jury was Really good and covering.
-The quality of the cubes is not consistent. To improve the quality of sculptures, the snow has to be cleaner.
-The hosting was better than in years, there was a vision of how it should look for the audience. Thanks Tommi :)
-It's a pity that after the official activities the bar tends to get empty, maybe a better drink-sponsorship with the bar could help.
- ...
Lets continue in the comments, shall we ;)

After two weeks there will be the annual Levitaatio snow sculpting competition in Levi. Levitaatio is arranged by TOMU ry. (union for Industrial Design students in Rovaniemi)

Our team (me, Joonas, Noora, Mikko and Ulla) will be participating with the piece called 'Penquins in paradise?' The idea comes from the worry over global warming.

Power plug of the motor heater

Yesterday evening -already dark- I tried to attach the connector of the motor heater into it's tiny hole. Basicly I like things getting smaller, but in case of these jacks, I'm not sure if it was right direction.

-There could be some mapping done, or at least guides to make it connect smoothly. It's asymmetric enought to give you trouble, but not enought to help you. Even the cap has to be attached in certain direction..

Today our visiting lecturer Juha Kosonen told an experience about same topic. Instead of guiding, he was amazed that why isn't there already cables with a built in led at the end of the cable.!
-How creat can it be. Good market for the spareparts dealers and no need to make expensive changes to the othervice crappy system.

Elisa 3G coverage

19/03/07 Some more editing, also shortened the original story:
Saunalahti and Elisa answered to the complaints. Elisa mailed on 7th and Saunalahti on 12th. The remedy isn't a fast in any way, but they say that it will change in 12 months..
-I probably graduated by then ;)

I was trying to get a knowledge if Elisa should have coverage on a 3G network in University area. This because Sonera has a perfect coverage, and I wouldn't want to change away my current connection.

.... Based on a map for 3G coverage on Rovaniemi. There should be coverage at university area and even further.

But I have to disagree with the map. There's no such coverage around university. -I made an complaint to Elisa, lets see how they will reply.


I just got home from Nordea's customer evening. On the door I had to say no for a blue sports-bottle, which they tried to give as a businnes gift.
I usually try to avoid taking presents, unless I find them usefull. There is so big amounts of totally unnescessary objects being manufactured, transported, kept in the closets and finally thrown away. -And the only effect these objects accomplish is that they cause problems for their owner in means of storing and managing amount of unnescessary stuff.

The same thing happens every christmas. After the holidays people arrive back to their homes with several plastic bags of junk. Something which somebody else has thought you might want to place to some important place of your home.
Normally, any person buying two plastic bags of junk just for the fun of buying, would be considered sick, but at christmas time it seems to be obligated..

-Please, don't buy me anything just because you would feel obligated. Or if you still do, make it a bottle of Nugan redwine.

Guantanamo and Low carbon economy

UN's new prime secretary Ban Ki Moon demands US to close their prison camp in Guantanamo.

It's been working five years and US doesn't give POW-rights to the prisoners nor are they accusing the prisoners of any crimes that could be solved in civil court. On top of this, the conditions on the camp seem to be really inhuman.
-It's really unbelievable that US has been able to keep the camp without international pressure.
Hopefully now situation changes.

Another good news was when Jose Manuel Barroso, President for european commission declared package for European unions energy policy."The objective of the package is clear: to accelerate the change of Europe to a low carbon economy"
Planet Ark
-At the moment Europe might be the only continent where some real action against the global warming can be done. US. is too concerned about their internal politics to mind with this kind of matters and evolving countries do not care because they want the wealth they have wanted for so long.

Fuck the others, we are doing five-blades..

During our toothbrush project two years ago we looked into hygiene branch and one evening started to talk about what gillette might do next.
My guess was that they will but mini-vibe in to the shaver. And they did .. even to Venus.

After that Ennu made a joke that they will probably at some point say that "Fuck the others, we're doing Five blades.." And like you can see, now they have done it! =D
It's also interesting how the spare plades are priced. Price difference between the different colors is 2,5 euros. :D


Yesterday seemed like a mission impossible. How about a Ikea tour with a girl while having a bit of an hang over. But we .. -I did it!

No idea why they didn't have half of the items on shelf, but for us it made our trip at leas 200 euros cheaper. P. has complained that it's been all the time like this since the opening of Haaparanta-Tornio.

I somehow like the idea of Ikea, to produce stuff that pretty much summs up in what we talked in the article in Pohjalainen: Products that combine estetics, economy, ekology and technics. And they pleasure both, user, designer and for sure the company.

There are still some flaws which has to be part of Ikea tradition:
-There is now way you can orienteer yourself. -That probably is part of the 'loose yourself experience'. But it can also be a big source for stress for those who are Always on the map elsewhere. One option might be the mark the blue path to the ceiling, which is the only place to orient yourself.
-For a newbie the life saving cafeteria has no signs of any kind how the system works. No wonder Ikea didn't make it so well at first in Japan.. Of course after the first time there's no problem to knowthat you can grab your carrot pie from the same desk as your meatballs.

Japanese have a great saying that company should never produce to a customer feeling of embarrasment. In our world, people are embarrassed and feel themselves just because services lack proper guiding.

Export of rare goods

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It Came!!!
Not the snow, but Rare exports Inc. -The best present what I can have! And tomorrow the second part: The official safety instructions 00.15-00.25 on channel four.

"Rare Exports Inc.
Alunperin mainostuotantoyhtiön asiakkaille joululahjaksi tehty lyhytelokuva, josta tuli kansainvälinen huippumenestys. Rare Exports Inc. on kuvitteellinen yritysesittely firmasta, joka tekee vaarallisista luonnonvaraisista joulupukeista haluttua kansainvälistä kauppatavaraa, kilttejä ostoskeskuspukkeja.

Rare Exports Inc. - The Official Safety Instructions
Rare Exports Inc.:n jatko-osassa joulupukkien toimitusfirma neuvoo, miten hurjaluonteisia ja koulimattomia joulupukkeja pitää käsitellä.
Pääosissa Jorma Tommila, Tommi Korpela, Tazu Ovaska ja Otso Tarkela. Ohjaus Jalmari Helander."

I thought that I have no more to say, but going through what TV is offering on holidays, I had to ask:
Does anybody know anything about a short movie called Export of rare goods? -Please ask your friends too.. =)
Movie naturally tells about Santa, and is partly filmed in Kemi harbour. Last christmas it was on TV, and I hoped it would have become a new legend of christmas.

Jimi wallets

As a wallet hater, it was a pleasure to the eye when Antti gave me a hint about these Jimi wallets. Check the website to see the details.

-Btw. I'm ordering one in near future, give me a note if you want to join co-order..

Rovaniemi city webcams

Rovaniemi city Webcams




Lordi square


Suomen itsenäisyyden juhlarahasto ja Duodecim tarjoavat kaikille suomalaisille pääsyn terveyskirjastoon, johon yleensä on ollu pääsy vain alan ammattilaisilla.

Terveyskirjaston artikkelit ja ohjeet perustuvat Suomalaisen Lääkäriseuran Duodecimin tuottamiin kansallisiin hoitosuosituksiin ja julkaisemiin lääkäreiden käsikirjoihin.

Automaattinen liikennevalvonta

Poliisi aloitti automaattisen liikennevalvonnan Kemin ja Rovaniemen välillä. Tielaitos on pystyttänyt välille 20 tolppaa joitten kohdalla ihmiset voivat aiheuttaa vaaratilanteita tarkkailluissa olosuhteissa..

Vaikka kotopuolessa etelässä on jo vuosien varrella tottunut näihin vekkuleihin, yhä edelleen tempaisen pikku paniikkijarrutuksen pömpelin nähdessäni. -Mahtaa tehdä höpöä liikennevirralle. Ei ainakaan lisää liikenneturvallisuutta.
Entä jos siihen samaan tolppaan edes laittaisi sen nopeusrajoituksen näkyviin niin ei tarvitsisi jarruttaessaa miettiä että miten alas se nopeus piti laskea.

Ylipäätään suomalainen nopeusrajoitusten asetanta ihmetyttää. Ilmeisesti kunta voi tielaitoksen ja poliisin kanssa yhdessä vaikuttaa taajamansa nopeusrajoituksiin. Kun ajaa Ruotsissa tai Norjassa, kiinnittää huomiota tehokkaaseen ja selvään nopeuden pudotukseen taajaman kohdassa. Muualla nopeudet ovat sitten matkavauhtia. Joka on ajanut esimerkiksi Kalajoen tai Muurolan ohi, on varmasti huomannut miten 60 nopeusrajoitus alkaa 3km ennen kylä pahasta, ja jatkuu saman verran viimeisen suojatien jälkeen..

Laittaa kyllä miettimään, mikä järki on tutkata näin massiivisesti reilun sata kilometriä pitkää tieosuutta, jossa välissä on kaksi pientä kylää. Hyvä tie ja vähän liittymiä, tuskin paljoa kolareitakaan. Ainakaan niin ettei osallisena olisi joku liikenteen ääriryhmä, hulluja ylinopeuksia ajavat tai humalaiset. Ai niin, riista-aita olisi varman pelastanut useamman kuolon uhrin, mutta tavoitteet ne on liikkuvalla poliisillakin. -Mutta minkälaiset?

Liikkuvan poliisin tulossopimuksessa vuodelle 2006 todetaan:
On ennalta ehkäistävä keskinopeuksien nousemista vaarallisiksi, johon keinoksi korostetaan automaattivalvonta menetelmien käyttöönottoa ja lisäämistä.
Tavoitteena on että vuoteen 2009 mennessä automaattinen liikenteenvalvonta kattaisi jo 2500 km suomalaisia teitä.
Lisäksi todetaan, että joka 500's auto saa olla rattijuopon kuljettama. (allekirjoittaneesta se on aika paljon)

Seuraava automaattivalvonnan askel on järjestelmät, jotka ottavat autostasi kuvan ajaessasi liittymästä motarille, ja kuvaavat sen kun ajat liittymästä pois ja sitten lasketaan matkaan kulunut aika eli nopeus.
-Ja tämä on jo valmistelussa..

Sitten hieman knoppitietoa kustannuksista:
"Tavanomaisen nopeusvalvonnan käyttökustannusten on todettu olevan yli kahdeksan kertaa automaattista valvontaa kalliimpaa.
Kiinteillä valvontaosuuksilla käytettävä kameralaitteisto maksaa noin 40.000 euroa ja yksi valvontapylväs laitekoteloineen noin 7.000 euroa. Valvontapylväitä on tyypillisesti 8—12 yhtä kameraa kohti.
Siirrettävällä valvontalaitteistolla tapahtuva valvonta on jonkin verran edullisempaa. Arvioiden mukaan yksi valvontalaitteisto maksaa noin 60.000 euroa.
Automaattivalvonnan investointikustannuksiksi 800 kilometrin tieosuuksilta on arvioitu noin 4,4 miljoonaa euroa." -Tielaitos

"Vuosina 1999—2001 tehtyjen kyselyjen perusteella keskimäärin 39 % vastaajista piti kameravalvontaa suositeltavana ja 35 % hyväksyttävänä. Kameravalvontaa piti hylättävänä 6 %. Autoa itse ajavat suhtautuivat kameravalvontaan hieman muita kriittisemmin."
-Oikeuspoliittisen tutkimuslaitoksen julkaisuja 195
Perustuuko automaattisen liikennevalvonnan korkea hyväksyttävyys Suomessa jalankulkijoiden mielipiteisiin?

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Newspaper article

Newspaper Pohjalainen from Vaasa made a second half's main page article about design students from University of Lapland with a background in Pohjanmaa (~western plains;) with the title Suomalaiselle muotoilulle löytyy jalansijaa ulkomailta (~Finnish design wanted abroad).
Article featured Tommi Siljamäki, Perttu Luomala and Kaisa Santanen. Article was general in nature and moved on the areas of what design is and young designers' visions.

Selecting a rental video with friends

Sometimes it's a big pleaseure to head for the video store, and just grab a video of your choice (usually features Angelina ;). But the problem occures when you have three or more people to select the video for..

Elisa and Saunalahti are both major players on their service design, who might have the advantage to accomplish this with another major player, Makuuni:

Maisa and Lars are standing at the shelves of Makuuni. Lars is quite of a filmaddict so it's hard to find a movie, even with out Matti and Mervi, who are preparing a meal for the four of them.
Luckily all of them are members of MMDB, standing for Makuuni Movie DataBase, a service which knows which movies these four people have seen, their preferred actors and movies that they can watch repeatedly. Maisa has selected the friends that are present on her phone and when they find a possible movie, Maisa shows the IAEN code to the phone, which shows promptly, who have seen the film already.
After selecting the film, couple heads to the counter, and Maisa confirms the movie selection to the database.
Database is up to date and everybody had an 'no fuzz' movie experience. Of course, later Lars wanted to make some extra notes about movie to his account and Maisa was amazed, where he gets all the energy..

About open source

Katri Ylander

Ehkä Katrin miksaajan pitäisi ottaa mallia siitä miten Stella hoiti homman. Loistava keikka =) Harvinaisen hyvä ääni kautta saman salin.

Käytiin katsomassa Katri Ylanderin keikka Rovaniemen Doriksessa.
Kovasti olisi ollut muuten mukava keikka ja ilokseen Katria kuuntelee, mutta miksaaja veti kyllä show itselleen. Rummut ja basso soi niin, ettei laulua meinannut kuulla.

Katri hyvä, vaihda miksaaja! -Sillä torstaisella on työtä rajoittava kuulovaurio.

Paljon on ollut puhetta siitä miten keikat saisivat alkaa aiemmin. Erityisesti torstai iltana, en ymmärrä kenen etu on että keikka alkaa vasta 0:30.
Arvelisin, että ravintoloiden myynti olisi parempi jos baarit menis viikolla kiinni klo 12 ja yökerhot klo 2. Silloin porukat jaksaisi aamulla töihin ja ulkona uskallettaisiin käydä viikollakin.

Guest room