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Elisa 3G coverage

19/03/07 Some more editing, also shortened the original story:
Saunalahti and Elisa answered to the complaints. Elisa mailed on 7th and Saunalahti on 12th. The remedy isn't a fast in any way, but they say that it will change in 12 months..
-I probably graduated by then ;)

I was trying to get a knowledge if Elisa should have coverage on a 3G network in University area. This because Sonera has a perfect coverage, and I wouldn't want to change away my current connection.

.... Based on a map for 3G coverage on Rovaniemi. There should be coverage at university area and even further.

But I have to disagree with the map. There's no such coverage around university. -I made an complaint to Elisa, lets see how they will reply.

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