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I just got home from Nordea's customer evening. On the door I had to say no for a blue sports-bottle, which they tried to give as a businnes gift.
I usually try to avoid taking presents, unless I find them usefull. There is so big amounts of totally unnescessary objects being manufactured, transported, kept in the closets and finally thrown away. -And the only effect these objects accomplish is that they cause problems for their owner in means of storing and managing amount of unnescessary stuff.

The same thing happens every christmas. After the holidays people arrive back to their homes with several plastic bags of junk. Something which somebody else has thought you might want to place to some important place of your home.
Normally, any person buying two plastic bags of junk just for the fun of buying, would be considered sick, but at christmas time it seems to be obligated..

-Please, don't buy me anything just because you would feel obligated. Or if you still do, make it a bottle of Nugan redwine.

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