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Yesterday seemed like a mission impossible. How about a Ikea tour with a girl while having a bit of an hang over. But we .. -I did it!

No idea why they didn't have half of the items on shelf, but for us it made our trip at leas 200 euros cheaper. P. has complained that it's been all the time like this since the opening of Haaparanta-Tornio.

I somehow like the idea of Ikea, to produce stuff that pretty much summs up in what we talked in the article in Pohjalainen: Products that combine estetics, economy, ekology and technics. And they pleasure both, user, designer and for sure the company.

There are still some flaws which has to be part of Ikea tradition:
-There is now way you can orienteer yourself. -That probably is part of the 'loose yourself experience'. But it can also be a big source for stress for those who are Always on the map elsewhere. One option might be the mark the blue path to the ceiling, which is the only place to orient yourself.
-For a newbie the life saving cafeteria has no signs of any kind how the system works. No wonder Ikea didn't make it so well at first in Japan.. Of course after the first time there's no problem to knowthat you can grab your carrot pie from the same desk as your meatballs.

Japanese have a great saying that company should never produce to a customer feeling of embarrasment. In our world, people are embarrassed and feel themselves just because services lack proper guiding.

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kattimalaattori said...

Ai jaa, että tytön kanssa olis hankalaa vai?.. Fuck the others I'm doing it alone next time..;) On muuten hiano soffa tossa alhaalla. =)