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I signed myself to few months ago. I thought that it's a great service.

Not that there is anything wrong (quite the opposite) with the content, but after few months of trying it seems just annoying just because they didn't know how to make the sign in.

1) If all social web services (with confidential content) use cookies and allow Keep me signed in, why doesn't this obsolete service containing only my nutrition details?!
2) At least it could hold the username in place - after all I don't have a slightest clue how this service wanted it..
3) And finally, why do I need to go to a different site ( to reset my password?!.
3.1) It would be nice if the link went straight to appropriate password reseting page instead of mainapge to start the quest from.

Coffee cups

The world does not need a another coffee cup - but it does want another cup of coffee.
Christel Vaenerberg, Creative director, Iittala group

Send a postcard with your own photo from your mobile phone - Posti/Itella

Sending a postcard with your own photo from your mobile phone sounds like a great idea. -Heard about it from my friend and rushed into Posti (or Itella) site to download the Mobile Postcard (Mobiilipostikortti) application.
There's so many things wrong in the application that it's unbelievable that somewhere there is a Symbian coder, who is so unaware of basic principles.
You need to know about hidden and visible drives on your mobile to find your photos and know how to change seccurity settings to avoid  question about wheather application can access your data. -And finally, there's no preview the picture you are sending - at any point. -Not even thumbnails in the folder view. Which I managed to get visible only that one time I took the pictures below :/

-My god XP


How to connect Bluetooth device

I'm currently having my honeymoon moment on my sofa with my brand new wireless keyboard.
I cannot remember when I was this much exited. -After all, I think that consuming is buying possibilities. And this product enables so much for me =) Keyboard, integrated mouse, music controls, zooming, shortcuts and what's best. -The setup was filled with grace!

Check out the second bullet in the picture below: "Using your keyboard, type in the passkey. Passkey 3777"
You have the keyboard, other product provides the code - do you need to make it more complicated?