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Service design - phase two. Case Facebook

Earlier this week a radio-person on YleX was complaining about Facebook getting quiet. As she mentioned, the thrill of getting new friends diminishes after you got all your geek-friends invited.
-And like me, working and doing graduation thesis - the time window to create new contacts is quite small.

Then what? What's the catch and thrill at this point after the first service promise is experienced? -I hope there is, because not all have facebook as a shortcut on their mobile. And the users who see some trouble to see those notifications want the thrill, or turn into passive faces.

Noodle House & Bar1

Already two months ago I was glad that next to my local bar there's a Noodle House.
Despite it sounded tempting I haven't seen a single customer inside. -That usually says something. Still I engouraged myself and tried the place. The noodles were great! And actually 3 other customer seemed to be thinking like me because they popped in while I was waiting my portion.

My local bar, Bar1 does it differently. It's a new bar, but it seems that they make sure there's a regular growd sitting around to make it comfy. -Place worth to visit. Both on Kauppurienkatu in Oulu.

Time pauses

In othervice hectic office pace there's a place where time twists. It's IT helpdesk. There everybody stays calm, nobody panics. Even customers behave, surrounded by the aura of silence.
The thing is, when there's two of you restarting Windows, it's been turned into ritual rather than annoyance.
-Get back to your seat and the rage comes again..

Smell of plastic

Younger, I thought that plastics don't have smell. Nowadays after some plastic workshops and plastic manufacturer visits I do know that they smell.. -Melting and burning plastic is one of the most alerting smells nowadays. Especially alerting that is when you smell it at home and around your laptop.

This time it was even more annoying since it was the 3in1 usb(/AC/12v) charger from Hama, which started to melt. -Not only because it was my only usb charger for my phone, but the fact that I've been promoting this to So many friends.. -So please fellows, don't leave that unattended when you use it, ok?

Picture #1: Property of Hama

Feeling Lappish

Services doesn't always have to appear perfect, as long as they deliver their offerings in honest manner.
Example of little things one starts to take for granted is Teboil in Peura. This morning on a way from Rovaniemi to Oulu I felt pride to be that much of a local to know the perfect place for a pancake and coffee :)