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If you are in need of pizza in area of Rantavitikka or Viirinkangas, your natural choice should be pizza-bar next to Lillin-pubi in Viirinkangas.
You can order the pizza in net, but that's just starters. This little bar has a Canal+ channels and is equipped with wireless network which works more certainly than the one in the university, has printer, fax and even paper for those :D -And on top of the good service, the 12-pack of beer is cheaper than in Prisma!

My favorite is kebab-pizza, it beats even the reindeer-pizza in Railwaystation. There's loads of sweet pepper and jalapeno, quite light and juicy.

Miesten joulu

On se kyllä hienoa kuinka betonimylly-romantiikka puree tänäkin vuonna YleXn miesten joulussa! :D
Ja täytyy myöntää, että ihan ilokseen Maria Hintikkaa katsoo, mutta vaikea häntä on kuunnella televisiossakin..

Merry christmas < 8D

It's time to leave north and go back to the plains of Pohjanmaa. Already waiting for the ham and the souce..
-Have a nice and warm holidays :)

For your joy, here's the best christmas clip - ever: Wizards of winter

Varjo Galleria - Artist Safaris

For the people in Rovaniemi, there's a fine exhibition on display at Varjo Galleria.- The most interesting gallery I've seen. From the webpage you can find also previous exhibitions.

is an exhibition of art around the Lapland, installed in a christmas-sale looking way. Display is open until the end of the year. -If you don't have the chance of getting in for a cup of coffee, at least take a peek from a window where you can see unbelievable fine chickens by Iitu Ranta made out of pieces of old bottles. (Too bad that the structure isn't so lively in photos as in real life..

RSS or Atom feeds -Turn them on!

Dear fellow bloggers and visitors. I made two changes on my blog:

1) I removed the robot lock (twisted letters) from the comments. Now leaving highly appreciated comments is easier for you.

2) I added a Atom feed to the end of my link list. The use of these feeds is really simple. I personally use to follow blogs of my interest. The feed reader informs and shows new entries on favorite sites, like they would be email. -Convenient :) Also using GoogleReader, one can publish also public digests.

Happy christmas time for everyone :)

I bougth a ticket containing 10 codes for music shop musiikkilataamo.
It was a nice one. Truly enjoyed selecting a tracks I enjoyed and actually paying for the artists :)

But there was a catch. I need to register myself.. -But WHY??!
I already paid for the tracks. And now, if I don't use the ticket, I'll never go back.
- - -
*edit 18.12.06*
So now I got myself registered. -It took two months.
First it didn't work with Mozilla. Then I still needed some downloads for copy protection. Then I needed to enter a code separately for each track. Then I needed to do it again because the service said that the code of the loading ticket wasn't registered for this user.. -And now I'm waiting what might happen if the network goes down for a second.
- - -
And it did.. -But one thing is in order. You can restart it =D
-Who wants the rest of the ticket, I can send it.

Valo yössä

I'm not much of a music person. Only thing what I can really tell about music is that if I like it or not. -And sometimes some weird anecdotes..
Anyway I ended up into YouTube and there was a killer song from VilleValo. 'Valo yössä', which was originally made by Tuomari Nurmio ja Köyhien Ystävät.

But have you ever thought about why The light on the roof of the taxi is blinking..?
-After five guesses in comments I'll tell.


I haven't have so clear feeling of joy for a long time, what I had yesterday with Antti's Wii game console!
What makes Wii so special is the user interface what it is using. There's just a stick in your hand, and it can be Anything from bowling ball to fists.
Especially I enjoyed when it was a tennis racket. -It was so great when the ball got the speed, direction and spin according how I hit the incoming ball =D And I got warm and now my hand is aching.. ;) This is how gaming should be!

I have to appreciate Nintendo in several ways.
-The UI is really marvellous, it gives instant joy to who ever tries it. And they made it work, unlike Microsoft with sidewinder.
-They had the guts to do move from the safe environment of console playing to world of sports accidents and muscular problems. Common sence says that this is good move. But what will happen in American courts will be other thing..
-For using old technology on the game console. While other consoles (including Sony's PS3) are adding more power and technology, Wii turns the profit curve up also on old technolgy and old games.

Grill food and black christmas

Our project ended today, and to finalize it, we went for a beer. -A little afternood tipsy has always a brisky effect.. (feeling sorry for the one who had to catch a flight ;)
Walking back from town I stopped by at Alakunnaksen Grilli. -They actually make a second best pita-kebab in finland. The first place is still hold by Manse kebab. (possibly because of the rareness of the experience)

In general, grill workers are really under appreciated in their profession. Today the girl behind the counter was new, so I was a bit worried. Luckily she pulled out the kebab better than most of the older workers could have done. -Grill food is a skill demanding task. -Seriously!

And a weather report from Arctic circle: No snow. Friction for the Santas sledge to take of is too high. -You should get ready for a presentless christmas. And seriously think about your consuming, or this becomes a normal situation..

Testing N73

It was time for me to change my phone to a newer one. This comes from Nokia N73. It has some nice features, but is pretty complicated to handle and to fully understand even for a freak like me.

And the "intuitive UI in camera mode" has to be a joke. At least for a heavy-user of digicams, it's a disaster. -Sorry folks..

*edit* And it's a pitty that pic didn't follow on the post. Maybe I have to check the lifeblog..

Nokia - Only Planet

Exactly one week ago we started a little christmas party in restaurant Motti in Helsinki. There was people from all around the world (South America, India, Japan, Poland) presenting their Only Planet projects. Lot's of work had to be done before the presentations and our work still continues until next week.
Event was great, as was most of the week! Group also visited also Rovaniemi and we also had a chance to enjoy finnish sauna. -And I guess it was a kind of proof that industrial designers are curious and open minded because almost all attended to sauna and seemed even to enjoy that :D

I promised to send some photographs for several people, and I will. If not this weekend, anyway in near future.. It was a pleasure to get to know you all. -Take care of yourselves, where ever you are! :)