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Grill food and black christmas

Our project ended today, and to finalize it, we went for a beer. -A little afternood tipsy has always a brisky effect.. (feeling sorry for the one who had to catch a flight ;)
Walking back from town I stopped by at Alakunnaksen Grilli. -They actually make a second best pita-kebab in finland. The first place is still hold by Manse kebab. (possibly because of the rareness of the experience)

In general, grill workers are really under appreciated in their profession. Today the girl behind the counter was new, so I was a bit worried. Luckily she pulled out the kebab better than most of the older workers could have done. -Grill food is a skill demanding task. -Seriously!

And a weather report from Arctic circle: No snow. Friction for the Santas sledge to take of is too high. -You should get ready for a presentless christmas. And seriously think about your consuming, or this becomes a normal situation..

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