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Posti / Itella being stingy with phone costs

I ordered a new TV from Verkkokauppa for two weeks ago. The reason for this was that they had stock. And I was silly to think that Posti (Itella) home delivery would be quick and painless.
First problems came up when an email from sales manager comes with a brief comment that they cannot process the order because my information on Population information system was not consistent with the information I had on Verkkokauppas service. (how could it be, I had just moved and changed it) Then after a brief exchance of mails, they decided to deliver it. -After few days I received a phone call from Posti. -The package was in Rovaniemi, which wasn't at all what was agreed with Verkkokauppa. Ok Posti shipped the package to Oulu.

Yesterday I waited for the delivery guy two hours and no telly, no phone call. I was sure that the delivery had been for a wrong door, because the building is quite tricky and contacted Posti to mention that they should call if they can't find my apartment and agreed on new delivery schedule.
Today I waited again the agreed time window and after that contacted Posti. The delivery had been right here behind my window, but the buzzer seems to be broken.. -Still there was no phone call to make delivery..

This isn't the first time I ended up having trouble with the Posti home deliveries. This time I new to ask their policy about phone calls. -The policy is, that every delivery includes only one phone call. The first and only phone call is when the delivery schedule is agreed with the customer.
-I really think that Posti should invest one more phone call if customer is not reached. I could start counting how much one phone call would have saved compared the cost of trying to make the same delivery tomorrow for a third time...

Cars with a water theme

My friend keeps telling me stories about their first car, which happens to be one with a water theme. When I spotted this, I was sure their theme couldn't top this version.
This is a YTV bus with a leakage in the window gasket, which causes the water to gather between the glasses. Every now and then you can see this happening, but this time I was able to make a video. Too bad that my tiny battery ran out of power before we arrived to the streets with a cobble paving - that was a blast to watch.. XD

At the time we were coming with a bus 24 from Meilahti art museum. There's an exhibition of HC Berg. Really worth visiting!

Design journalism

Last autumn I participated for a design seminar in Oulu. One of the speakers was design journalist Anna-Kaari Hakkarainen who talked about absence of real design journalism.
Design articles are still pretty much heroic stories about designers and not so much about design nor products. Though design has transformed to more close to earth topic, writing around hasn't.
Especially Hakkarainen was missing writing designers. After all, there's wast amount of ideas and thinking behind a single piece of design.
Her word's have been bugging me since. After all, I'm a designer, I think, I write, and still seldomly write anythink meaningfull about design. -Could general reasons for designers to stay quiet be such that it seems useless to write about things that already have been spoken. Maybe not for the public, but inside the profession. And the other reason might be the change of design to be more scientific. Research on the area is getting deeper and deeper, and to provide something interesting for peers, one should be in the frontline of change.
This brings up the guestion, do designers define themselfs through other designers or through the users and the customers?
One good try to analyze design is the blog of Ville Ylläsjärvi, .

Sunrise at Helsinki city centre

Posted from a mobile, through Flickr.
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They probably put me into wrong floor, because the view was like this and all the other doors had Financial Times waiting to be read XD

4 hours later trying to rip my SAS mile card in two pieces

Luckily flying is still usually the faster mean of transport, but now 4 hours after leaving home I'm about to arrive to Helsinki. And I'm really considering to increase my train usage.

Although new work is a great thing it has some negative side effects on blogging. I'm sorry folks, I try to cure my habits ;)

Amazing picture collections from Crooked Brains

Today added one post from Crooked Brains to my Just read about-list.
Then I added second one.. ..and I knew I was in trouble. For so long I have fight against this urge!

-The problem is that the picture collections are absolutely Great and not only they fill my Reader, but a single post would fill entire page of my Just read about..
So please do check it. So far I haven't figured out any use for these, but surely they open eyes for all kind of abnormalities ;D Here's some sample pics.

Meat art collection: Simone Racheli

Star wars origami collection: Phillip West

Animal love collection: Animateca

And finally a pair of advertisement collections: