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Amazing picture collections from Crooked Brains

Today added one post from Crooked Brains to my Just read about-list.
Then I added second one.. ..and I knew I was in trouble. For so long I have fight against this urge!

-The problem is that the picture collections are absolutely Great and not only they fill my Reader, but a single post would fill entire page of my Just read about..
So please do check it. So far I haven't figured out any use for these, but surely they open eyes for all kind of abnormalities ;D Here's some sample pics.

Meat art collection: Simone Racheli

Star wars origami collection: Phillip West

Animal love collection: Animateca

And finally a pair of advertisement collections:


AJ said...

Cool & interesting!

katti said...

Piti käydä kattomassa mitä sulle kuuluu. Hyvejä kuveja vaikka en kaikkia saanutkaan auki. Pärjäile! :)