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Design journalism

Last autumn I participated for a design seminar in Oulu. One of the speakers was design journalist Anna-Kaari Hakkarainen who talked about absence of real design journalism.
Design articles are still pretty much heroic stories about designers and not so much about design nor products. Though design has transformed to more close to earth topic, writing around hasn't.
Especially Hakkarainen was missing writing designers. After all, there's wast amount of ideas and thinking behind a single piece of design.
Her word's have been bugging me since. After all, I'm a designer, I think, I write, and still seldomly write anythink meaningfull about design. -Could general reasons for designers to stay quiet be such that it seems useless to write about things that already have been spoken. Maybe not for the public, but inside the profession. And the other reason might be the change of design to be more scientific. Research on the area is getting deeper and deeper, and to provide something interesting for peers, one should be in the frontline of change.
This brings up the guestion, do designers define themselfs through other designers or through the users and the customers?
One good try to analyze design is the blog of Ville Ylläsjärvi, .

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