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BoConcept - conditions on delivery times and on items purchaced

1) After assembling tens of BoConcept pieces I understood how to manage a low priced-quality-brand.
2) After waiting my stools for 5 months my understanding got deeper.
3) After ccomparing my stools to the ones I ordered, I realized that I have been fucked up.
4) After sales manager informed me yesterday, that there's no way to get the stools in original design, I decided that Bo Concept is not a kind of company I want to be dealing with..
BoConcept contacted 23rd Jan and denied they had any responsibility for this issue. -According to them the retailer should have known that the item is changed, and the original design should not be to be seen.

-Another story is that, was it during the 5 months that I waited these stools, when they found out that original design had problems, created a backup plan and shipped the orders?
Case closed. -Just need a little chat with the retailer.

What do you think, can these item be considered as the same?
Original pictures from the store (solid wood):

The ones I received after paying over 100€/pc (mdf):

iTunes - billing errors (and improvements on DRM)

I've enjoyed using iTunes a lot and a happy news is that the music will be finally DRM free!

But I also spotted an annoying problem. If I happen to press Buy -button twice -or three times as I once did - it seems that I also get billed three times!

I'm sure nobody wants to buy same track several times and that the case wouldn't be hard to block. So the conclusion would be that it is left there to gain few dollars more.
Now I'm interested to see if billing really goes like this and will update this entry accordingly. -But anyhow having these doubts and worries in users minds isn't actually the best promotion for any kind of service.
Update 1) 15.1.09
Yes, as I assumed 29,70€ charged instead of 9,90.
I have been
Reporting a problem now for two weeks, without UI indicating that reporting feature would be working. -Next step is that I try to find some human contact from

Update 2) An hour later
I managed to complete reporting after some search after a drop down menu mentioned in Apple support:
To report an accidental purchase:
1. Locate the item in your Purchase history
2. Click the "Report a Problem" link

3. Select "I inadvertently purchased this item" from the drop down menu
4. Enter notes explaining the situation in the Comments section
Our support agents will review your request and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Update 3) (16.1.09)
During the same night I had received a corrective email from Apple. That was prompt!
The content was bit of an US. style service jargon, but still it pleaes:
Thank you for being valued iTunes customer and have a wonderful weekend, Perttu
Does it come to your mind pushing the Report a problem text here (pic)?! -At least I thought problem was marked already and pushed Done-button. -Well now I'm waiting for somebody to contact..

New Topic - Favorites

With this post I'm launching a new Topic to the right hand side menu.
Favorites will include many items from highlights but present more clearly my favorites.

In this case I want to recon that despite the somewhat artificial taste of Rainbow Strawberry jam, it's the best jam I've ever used on my delicate pancakes!

Christmas came again

Now I see the reason for the americans calling this a holiday Season.. Slightly before christmas I bought the best rally game available (and possibly ever made) Sega Rally and the christmas was early. (for X360 Colin McRay rally is available only as Dirt - waste of money I would say)
But, using those tiny controller sticks but an idea of force feedback wheel into my head. And I just had to go to the city..

The force feedback wheel makes the steering much harder, especially correction moves need much more effort and speed compared to sticks. But who said driving a WRC would be an easy job. Luckily I'm steadily gaining my usual speed back. -Great purchase!

Also I started a modification work on the controller. Despite the plasticy feeling the designers have done fairly good job on the usability and ergonomics side. You can hold wheel in your lap or on top of the stool or even attach it securely to the table. -How ever it could be smaller, and it could provide some features to make it conveniently storable.
-My choise seems to rely on removing excess plastic parts and turning one Ikea stool into a small WRC cockpit ;)

Added feature for dog flex

Carrying a poop-bag is supposed to be a natural and daily job for a dog owner. -Why not to ad a hook or holder for the poop-bag and get rid of tying or occupying the other hand? Even the ergonomy and balance would support adding a loop to the lowest point of the flex.

80's style christmas decorations - for the bold ones

I guess colorfull christmas lights have been a global hit in 80's? Fortunately the illumination boom has settled and colors generally been tuned down in Finland and for sure not reached disproportionate scale like american youTube video Wizards of Winter illustrates.
How ever, I have never spotted these color lights made out of fur before. -Definitely a future collector item! =)