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BoConcept - conditions on delivery times and on items purchaced

1) After assembling tens of BoConcept pieces I understood how to manage a low priced-quality-brand.
2) After waiting my stools for 5 months my understanding got deeper.
3) After ccomparing my stools to the ones I ordered, I realized that I have been fucked up.
4) After sales manager informed me yesterday, that there's no way to get the stools in original design, I decided that Bo Concept is not a kind of company I want to be dealing with..
BoConcept contacted 23rd Jan and denied they had any responsibility for this issue. -According to them the retailer should have known that the item is changed, and the original design should not be to be seen.

-Another story is that, was it during the 5 months that I waited these stools, when they found out that original design had problems, created a backup plan and shipped the orders?
Case closed. -Just need a little chat with the retailer.

What do you think, can these item be considered as the same?
Original pictures from the store (solid wood):

The ones I received after paying over 100€/pc (mdf):

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Mitäs v*dd*a, eihän nyt noin voi tehdä? Mä ainakin vaatisin rahaa takaisin ja PALJON!