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Christmas came again

Now I see the reason for the americans calling this a holiday Season.. Slightly before christmas I bought the best rally game available (and possibly ever made) Sega Rally and the christmas was early. (for X360 Colin McRay rally is available only as Dirt - waste of money I would say)
But, using those tiny controller sticks but an idea of force feedback wheel into my head. And I just had to go to the city..

The force feedback wheel makes the steering much harder, especially correction moves need much more effort and speed compared to sticks. But who said driving a WRC would be an easy job. Luckily I'm steadily gaining my usual speed back. -Great purchase!

Also I started a modification work on the controller. Despite the plasticy feeling the designers have done fairly good job on the usability and ergonomics side. You can hold wheel in your lap or on top of the stool or even attach it securely to the table. -How ever it could be smaller, and it could provide some features to make it conveniently storable.
-My choise seems to rely on removing excess plastic parts and turning one Ikea stool into a small WRC cockpit ;)

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