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Why societies stay the same? - Keirsey Temperament Sorter

At the moment there is a huge fuzz about Enkeli-Elina, a semi factual teenager who was bullied in school and committed suicide. For some reason majority of discussion is concentrates on the possibility that the story is not totally fact. The sad side is that all positive discussion about bullying in schools is forgotten and nullified by the discussion about "the truth".

When reading the twitter feed about the case, I couldn't help but to think what my colleague said some time ago. He told me about Keirsey Temperament Sorter that uses Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
Keirsey types are roughly based on two scales. First is abstract vs. concrete and the other is cooperative vs. pragmatic. When these two scales are crossed, result is 2x2 matrix with following temperaments: Rationals (pragmatic and abstract), Artisans (pragmatic and concrete), Idealists (cooperative and abstract), and Guardians (cooperative and concrete).

The temperament type that dominated the #enkelielisa discussion were Guardian Administrators. They are eager to support old ways of thinking, they need a strong value base to protect and they are concerned with responsibility and duty.
Administrators are the directive Guardians. Their most developed intelligence operation is regulating. The attentive Inspectors and the expressive Supervisors are the two role variants.
Inspectors reliably examine the people and products that fall under their tutelage—unobtrusively ensuring uniform quality and demanding that certain standards of conduct are maintained.

Supervisors are strong believers in rules and procedures, and they prefer tried methods to experimental ones.
I dare to say that guardian administrators are that group of people who try to maintain status quo and fight against the change. The continuous war waging between conservatives and liberals is done between guardians and rationals. -It is a matter of how much guardians are able to grow, that determines the world we live in.

Test your type here:

And the truth? Teenage girls in Finland are committing suicides in growing pace. Often doing well in school and being bullied because of that or their looks.