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Creating value out of thin air

Not that I have anything against washing my hands with normal soaps, but this foam stuff provided by Lindström makes me choose my coffee places according to it's availability!

The foam form also decreases it's consumption and impact to the nature.
Unfortunately the positive green effect is on later builds destroyed by removing the mechanical lever and making the container battery powered.

Trend of adding more and more electronics and batteries to simple gadgets is really unfortunate and saddening. The more sustainable way would be to make robust enough constructions and provide good aftersales support.

Perfect combination - Tsokka

Sometimes nature and technology create a perfection.
Tsokka, Pyhä.

I have to say that Tsokka is a refreshing exception on the Lappish service scene. (Not the typical ripping your money on your holiday) Really good food, great selection of drinks and dedicated staff.

Hating wet weather - no wonder!

Found one possible reason for me hating these current wet weathers.
My dear old boots seem to be in the end of their journey. These boots have walked on Copacabana, hiked on the Scotland highland, been carried on a tray by security woman in Tokyo airport and in almost every other place I've been in last 7 years -year around.
Since I'm from Laihia, I should understand that these are still in perfectly good shape othervice than the soles, and repair these or at least start using these only on dry weather. Or propose these to the Museum of stingyness in Laihia, where there's bunch of interesting items that has been used to the very end. But these are bit too normal for the museum, so I'll drop them to the bin with good consciousness. But for certain, my next boots will also be made by Jalas!


Since our design school was a bit stingy to arrange courses in ceramics, I've tried to fill the gap on my own time.
This piece is roller bearing inspirated bowl for Fazer's Green balls (my christmas time favorite).
It's all about learning the basics, but I just love the fact that my sketch book is filling with ideas far quicker than I'm able to try anything in real life :)

Directional indicators doing their job too well

Is there a standard which is defining that turn signal lights have to be so bright that they will blind you every time you wait at traffic lights?
It's like car industry version of tv add, which will blow your mind after tight concentration of a movie like "NOLLA SATA SATA, MITEN VOIN AUTTAA"!!! Luckily they tuned it down to the level of normal adds. And why is it necessary to have higher volume on adds than on actual tv content - really?