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Hating wet weather - no wonder!

Found one possible reason for me hating these current wet weathers.
My dear old boots seem to be in the end of their journey. These boots have walked on Copacabana, hiked on the Scotland highland, been carried on a tray by security woman in Tokyo airport and in almost every other place I've been in last 7 years -year around.
Since I'm from Laihia, I should understand that these are still in perfectly good shape othervice than the soles, and repair these or at least start using these only on dry weather. Or propose these to the Museum of stingyness in Laihia, where there's bunch of interesting items that has been used to the very end. But these are bit too normal for the museum, so I'll drop them to the bin with good consciousness. But for certain, my next boots will also be made by Jalas!

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