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Read and create mobilecodes

Increasing amount of mobile codes -matrix shaped barcodes- can be found around the cities. If you have a camera phone you can upload a code reader and even create your own barcode, like I did for this blog. Now after loading the application I think I'll go to window of Kiinteistömaailma to test it for different apartments ;) -Not that I have anything to complain. I just rented an apartment without seeing that first. -It really paid of. Perfect apartment in the heart of Oulu with a slice of (almost own) green grass =)


Perttu said...

This seemed to be a good reader:

Peikko said...

Millon on tuparit?

Anonymous said...

More than just a code reader.

Get the reader @

Perttu said...

I couldn't get that neoreader to read. -It didn't focus close enough.