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"There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other"

I was buying some christmas presents which is quite unusual for me. I usually buy such only if I clearly see something is for somebody or then I just see something really nice. I bought two books and for a reason not totally clear to me the other book was "There is an special place in hell for women who don't help each other" by Liza Marklund and Lotta Snickare (Helvetissä on erityinen paikka naisille jotka eivät auta toisiaan). Today I had to open the package and I read it.. The reasons for this were probably the same as already in the store: My dear friend used the frase and I got interested how deep feministic values it posessed. And I also seem to end up in different kind of equality conversations, and I was a bit curious what kind of book this was.

I have never understood why men and women wouldn't have more or less equal possibilities in study and working life. After reading this book I understand that there's more connected than just a persons own survival strategy. It might not be enought if a person decides to claim one's place and space and be a Person instead of a stereotypic representative of one's sex. There's certain sosiomechanic structures in working environments too. Raising them to the open certainly helps to start understanding these issues. For that reason I would have wanted to see more issues from the book on the posters that Mahdollista menestys -organisation is publishing 1) 2). Posters sadly include more orders than explanations.

Reading this book also reminded of the bubbles that we create around us. For me I have found myself already in engineering bubble, academic bubble and arts bubble. Bubbles are comfortable but also make us forget what is happening in other bubbles or on the ground. I didn't remember how stubborn ideologies people still can have in some bubbles.

Most of the bubbles leave out rural areas and suburbs, where new kind of equality thinking would help a lot according to Marklund and Snickare. Unfortunately writers don't go too deeply in that what kind of changes could be made, but at least schools have major impact on the development and misery of both, boys and girls.

One thing was nice to understand. I have been on the right track when I have expected equal results from both sexes. But it is not always simple. Even now I feel that I have started to be carefull in some situations, so I wouldn't break anything. Too much political correctness is not a good thing. If we try to guess other peoples opinions, we end up rating them.

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