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Stora Enso shuts down a city

While reading Lapin Kansa a bit forward, my ticket started to seem a small fish.

Mobile phone charger manufacturer Salcomp decided to shut down it's factory in Kemijärvi in the autumn of 2003. This resulted in a fairly great depression of the whole town. People got sick, several killed themselves and the overall financial situation for the city and it's habitants was compareable to afterwar time.
Last month Yle reported how things in Kemijärvi start to look positive again after four years.
And this week Stora Enso informs that they will shut down their profitable pulp mill in Kemijärvi - second and last major employer from the town. Stora Enso doesn't want to sell the mill - only shut down, which will surely bounce the unemployment procentage to 45%.
Ok, so what you ask.. There's families where the salary is coming from the single company. Families have bought or built houses by loans, and now they have to move, apartment is worth nothing and the bank still want's their money. And there really isn't that many tax payers anymore in there.
So in the end, I'm happy just to be able to pay my parking ticket. I just wish it went for better purpose.

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"Committed to sustainability
Sustainability has been identified as one of the key success factors in the Group's business strategy: Stora Enso aims at superior performance and image in the area of sustainability. To succeed in this, we need to ensure that we build accountability into the way we actually work, thus creating long-term value on an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable basis. We will do this by being transparent, and open to dialogue with our stakeholders."
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