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Parking ticket again - Rovaniemen parkkipirkot

I just hate being ticketed because of parking. Especially in a small town like Rovaniemi. -I also hate speed-traps, that instinctively make me step on my brakes 13 times while I'm driving between Oulu and Rovaniemi (and this time it seemed to be slippery too).
Today I received a ticket. -I took my bike to for service and placed my car on front of the shop making sure everybody have enough space. -Everybody else had, but the warden. There's no place for explanations - those women are rude here in Rovaniemi.

The shop owner felt bad. -He said it happens a lot.
I continued to Kauppayhtiö to have a comfort-baquette and started to read a newspaper Lapin Kansa (21./22.10.07).
Another bicycle-shop owner was complaining about the same topic. -He actually ended up changing his whole profession 'due' the wardens. -Please read more from the pic, where the text is unfortunately only in finnish.

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