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Power plug of the motor heater

Yesterday evening -already dark- I tried to attach the connector of the motor heater into it's tiny hole. Basicly I like things getting smaller, but in case of these jacks, I'm not sure if it was right direction.

-There could be some mapping done, or at least guides to make it connect smoothly. It's asymmetric enought to give you trouble, but not enought to help you. Even the cap has to be attached in certain direction..

Today our visiting lecturer Juha Kosonen told an experience about same topic. Instead of guiding, he was amazed that why isn't there already cables with a built in led at the end of the cable.!
-How creat can it be. Good market for the spareparts dealers and no need to make expensive changes to the othervice crappy system.

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Jaakko said...

Kas vain, tuohan on oiva idea. Tuskaillut olen minäkin ko. touhussa pimeässä autokatoksessa mistä kaikki lamput ovat tietenkin palaneet..