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Selecting a rental video with friends

Sometimes it's a big pleaseure to head for the video store, and just grab a video of your choice (usually features Angelina ;). But the problem occures when you have three or more people to select the video for..

Elisa and Saunalahti are both major players on their service design, who might have the advantage to accomplish this with another major player, Makuuni:

Maisa and Lars are standing at the shelves of Makuuni. Lars is quite of a filmaddict so it's hard to find a movie, even with out Matti and Mervi, who are preparing a meal for the four of them.
Luckily all of them are members of MMDB, standing for Makuuni Movie DataBase, a service which knows which movies these four people have seen, their preferred actors and movies that they can watch repeatedly. Maisa has selected the friends that are present on her phone and when they find a possible movie, Maisa shows the IAEN code to the phone, which shows promptly, who have seen the film already.
After selecting the film, couple heads to the counter, and Maisa confirms the movie selection to the database.
Database is up to date and everybody had an 'no fuzz' movie experience. Of course, later Lars wanted to make some extra notes about movie to his account and Maisa was amazed, where he gets all the energy..

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