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Levitaatio 2007

Sculpting accomplished. Despite our ambitious plan, we accomplished it quite reasonably. It gave a light impression, got load's of positive feedback and was fun to make. Thanks for everybody :)

This year there was a serious attempt to rise the competition to the level where it should be. But really important thing is now that all the comments should be saved for the next years organisers. And for helping in that you can insert your comments on this post.
What was talked:
-Presentation of plans at he same time as the teams are being presented.
-In the price giving ceremony, a slideshow showing the piece which jury is giving comments about.
-This year the commenting of the jury was Really good and covering.
-The quality of the cubes is not consistent. To improve the quality of sculptures, the snow has to be cleaner.
-The hosting was better than in years, there was a vision of how it should look for the audience. Thanks Tommi :)
-It's a pity that after the official activities the bar tends to get empty, maybe a better drink-sponsorship with the bar could help.
- ...
Lets continue in the comments, shall we ;)

After two weeks there will be the annual Levitaatio snow sculpting competition in Levi. Levitaatio is arranged by TOMU ry. (union for Industrial Design students in Rovaniemi)

Our team (me, Joonas, Noora, Mikko and Ulla) will be participating with the piece called 'Penquins in paradise?' The idea comes from the worry over global warming.

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