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Contradictions and safety of Facebook

I should really be working at the moment, but I cannot help wondering the contradictions of Facebook. (See, it Is addictive!)
Recently I've had some friend requests from my colleagues. Few I accepted, but for some I'm just not sure. In the end I know and like the persons, but where the boundary goes, who get's the access to my 'livingroom'.

Facebook appealed for me for the reason that it felt safe. I could add pictures and personal data, for only my friends to see. On the opposite, Facebook is by far the easiest application to find friends. -These two appealing factors seem contradicttive, without a convinient solution. Somehow it doesn't seem so fair thing to use 'limited profile' either. -I better try, so I'll know..

Totally other story is, if Facebook really is so safe like it seems. The applications you add to your Facebook account -which actully make Facebook so live- supposedly get all the data available on your account. And anybody can make an application. -That's really frightening.
There already was news about false bank accounts made by Facebook data. Facebook didn't publish this information on it's pages, although it would have been a fair thing to do.

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Perttu said...

Limited profile seems to have reasonably good possibilities to adjust what you show, but the adding to the limited profile list seems to be mostly manual.
At least I don't get that on what bases you are Sometimes able to select a limited profile, while accepting a new friend invitation. (like it should be always)