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Jade Warrior - Jadesoturi

Yesterday I saw Finnish-Chinese co production Jade Warrior, which includes legends from Finnish and Chinese cultures.
Movie was great, dont get me wrong.. ..but I still have to wonder do they teach the progress of drama at all in Finnish Movie scene..?
The plot didn't thicken and it didn't peak. -It was just like in Kaurismäki movies. Even one of the three main caracters was Markku Peltola, 'Kaurismäki' written all over his face ;)

But there was an explanation for all of this. -One of the writers has been responsible for the Suomen Elokuvasäätiö's production donations. -And I quess Kaurismäki movies have been their favorite :D

GREAT movie, you should see it!

Jade Warrior
SES-rahoituspäätökset (Suomen Elokuvasäätiö)

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