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Every winter there is a topic about how to spot aurora borealis.
Finnish meteorological institute has established a site called AURORAS now! to help in this quest.
From the site you can find diagrams like below showing sun-activity during last 24+ hours. You can also join to mailing list which alerts if the probability is high enough to see something. (Daytime values peaking above 30)

Graph of current 24h cycle near Rovaniemi provided by FMI

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siina said...

jokos mä oon jo sulle mainostanut erikoispiirrettäni: en ole koskaan nähnyt revontulia. kaikki ulkomaalaiset on aina ihan ihmeissään, miten joku voi asua suomessa näkemättä revontulia. olen suunnitellut matkaa rovaniemelle helmikuussa. jospa edes sitten nappaisi...