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Product complaints

Poor customer service stays in your mind for a long time, especially in case of defected product.

Couple of years ago Rovaniemi Telemark-skiers bought some 35 goretex suits as tailor made from Terinit, a finnish sportswear manufacturer. Promptly after receiving the jacket I commented to Terinit that they have a major flaw in their product.
-The velcros had been sewed on wrong sides. Sticky side on the fold and the soft side facing outwards. This resulting most of the undergarments getting spoiled by the sticky side. And also the hood is constantly stuck in some wrong place. This because the velcros on the hood are sawn as they should be.
They didn't comment in any way, which was one way to handle the situation. In case of commenting they probably would have been forced to repair them. -This time they only lost an customer.

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