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Other sights along the way

Suunto X6HRM is a really nice wrist computer, but has a really crappy plastic strap to attach it with. There's no hint of that metallic, almighty feeling the titanium watch is othervice giving.

The chrome version of the same watch is also really nice, and it actually has strap made of real leather! -Really neat, but I wonder if I would like to use it in shower and while swimming like I use mine nowadays.

Another thing which I really don't get is why both Polar and Suunto are using those both-sided buckles as in the picture. It is somehow managable in men's watches, but in women's watches the buckles are so small that you really have to struggle to get it done and undone.

Really nice and funny shoes from El Naturalista. Notice the imaginative soles :D

The last picture is just for those for whom I have praised the rear window of Opel Astra.

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