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On the road

Lapin Kansa just wrote that "Peltipoliisi jäätyi pakkasessa". They are adding heating into these automatic surveillance boxes.. :D

Yesterday I drowe to Oulu and back. On the way there was time to think.
Generally I think that road users have been forgotten in what we call user centered design.

Think about the traffic signs. What makes it so sure that you can see every single one of those?
You might be passing somebody or looking at the traffic.
In the city it might be impossible to see the signs placed in the crossings, where you would need to look up and right - a place where there isn't any of the pedestrians or other crucial elements of making the turn. The reason for this idea comes from the contradiction of usingautomated traffic controlling (see earlier post), while the road user still has to monitor the speed limits manually.
A great thing about these speedtraps in north is though that they are most of the time unusable because of the snow ;)

Another idea which came to my mind came up when I drowe through 'game-fence' that tries to keep moose and other animals away from the road. -Both ends of this fence are dangerous because game try to go over the road, and they will do it at the end of the fence. At dark, roads are lit, but it wouldn't be a big effort to place some extra lightning at the ends of the fence.

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Gee said...

Perskele kun täällä etelässä ei valvontakamerat todellakaan peity, rouva makselikin juuri yhdet ylinopeussakot viime viikolta...

Opetin just aamulenkillä muksulle klassisen "älä koskaan syö keltaista lunta" -tärkeyden. Neiti hiffas heti idean ja hoki aamulla tarhatädeille "isi pissa keltalumi" - jooh. Olikohan siinä nyt sitten ne lumijuttuni tähän postaukseen. ;)

Sori tunkeutumiseni. :D Pus Lapland!