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VR bicycle transport -getting even worse

I'm on holidays. One of the best ways to travel around is to use train and have a bike with you. The weakest point of this plan is public transport and VR. (Earlier post here)
At the moment I'm waiting for the train to leave from Turku to Helsinki. I placed my bike to the holder, which is clearly not designed for the comfort of the bike handles. And the situation is not going to get better when two other bikes are put by mine.
This time the situation differed in that sense that conductor was standing right next to me, also during the phase when I inserted my 50 cent to lock the bike, didn't succeed and didn't get my coin back. He just commented that bikes do not need to be locked because they need reservations..
This bike rack is an perfect example of design for public use, where too little time and consideration is used. By doing bad design into investment products like trains, the design stays there bugging users (public and staff) for tens of years! -The problem is partly related to sourcing of design and tight budget policies. There should be good understanding on both sides to create side budgets and schedules if certain problems require special attention.

I have been commenting about VR also earlier:
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This is an example how to fit my bike and the one of an crampy old drunken finnish outdoor-enthusiast and the one of german middle aged bike tourist.
-At some point I decided to leave two others and the commanding officer to do the dirty work and check the damages later..

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