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VR and how to wash your face vs. floor

Posted from N73 through Flickr
On my train trips on these new 2floor cars I've tried to wash my face in cabin toilet, cabin sink and also in corridor toilet -failing every time. There's just no room for your head on top of the sink.

This time I thought I was clever. -There was cleansing wipes in the cabinet, I thought!
-No way, it would have been too easy. Just some soap to make the floor even more slippery..

Only place where you actually can wash your face is the shower. Shower as a concept is great. But there is a mapping problem. You could think that just use the big knob. -No. Every 30 seconds you have to find the small metal button just over the big one. The pic is blury, but you can immerse yourself in the moving and steamy environment ;).

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