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VR - green image of rail transportation vs. bikes

It is coming increasingly difficult to take your bike on a train at times of InterCity and Pendolino.
While old express trains can take bunch of bikes as freight at the rate of 9€, typical InterCity can take only 3 bikes at the same rate - accompanied by the passangers.
On Helsinki area commuter trains the bikes are a headache for both other passangers and bikers with the price of 3,60€. On my opinion taking bike with you could be free - if only VR facilitated trains with hooks, to lift the bikes up.

Actually those three bike places in IC-trains use kind of complicated hooks, but the actual system is terrible. There's no intuitivity nor proper guidance. The good thing is, that it locks your bike (needed?) and gives your money back - if only you end up sticking your finger into right hole.

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