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Pylon surround speaker

Pylon is a high quality speaker with unexpected shape and changeable textile cover on all sides. Speaker breaks the barrier between the technology driven design and home environment. Speaker is designed by Perttu Luomala.

-Around the cabinet, four metal rods are used to create the unexpected shape for the textile cover.
-Changeable and washable textile covers the speaker on all four sides. User can tune the speaker into any interior or atmosphere. The four piece textile serie called Elo is designed by Eija-Riitta Vähämaa.
-Terminal is placed at the bottom of the speaker, and the wires can be lead conviniently to any of the four directions, making it possible to place the speaker even in the middle of the floor.
-Speaker is based on single Tangbang element and the cabinet design relies on transmission-line principle, which makes it possible to reach frequences down to 60Hz.


Anonymous said...

Just one question, where can I get them, the sound was awesome...

Perttu said...

Thanks for your opinion :) -And also thanks for everybody else who commented Pylon during Habitare. Your comments are important :)

-I'm sorry to say this was just a proto-serie and I'm trying to find a company to work the consept forward.

But there was a lot of requests to buy Pylons, and if I start to get more requests to my email; pluomala, I might consider making another serie.
I'll keep you informed.

Thanks again for our visitors and our great group :)