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We often talk about Wow!-feeling. Somehow I think that for a professional, experiencing a Wow ! is more that just a Wow. -Maybe one starts to be so cynical..
Anyway, Flickr probably gives you one of those Wows. There has been a need to use your hundreds digipics somehow - not just collecting those. Flickr is a nice way to publish your pics and much more.
The thing about the Flickr is open API (application programming interface). And almost all the things you can imagine has been done. -My personal favorite of the tools is Retrievr, just sketch the pic, and Flickr will find it to you! =D
More @ fd's flickr toys and Flickr Services

Even Picasa should be jeallous, although they are in a different branch. (Now when Google came up: Did you know that they put 'Office' into web :D)

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